Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our fun-filled Monday

This past Monday, April 21st, we had our big ultrasound and photo shoot.  The parents came down on Saturday, spent the weekend with family (we had lunch with them on Sunday), then left Tuesday morning.  So, let me tell you all about our Monday.

Monday morning, at 8:30 a.m., we had the ultrasound.  I scheduled it at the place I had my previous ultrasounds because I really like the technician I've always had there.  She's super sweet and she did the ultrasounds of the twins, too, until I had to start going to the hospital for them because I was having twins.  This pregnancy, she's put a lock on all the previous images so when I get closer to the end of the pregnancy, if I have another ultrasound, she'll put all of them onto a CD for the parents.  :-)  Anywho, we got there right on time and waited to be called back.  She came and got us, excited when she realized the parents were with me.  I had a really full bladder and apparently, it was TOO full, because after she checked my cervix on the screen, she had me go to the bathroom.  I just have to say, thank GOD.  I was much more comfortable the rest of the ultrasound.

We got down to it and she started measuring the baby's various parts.  We got hands, fingers, legs, toes, feet, etc.  And, the baby made sure we knew he was a boy.  That's right.  This kid spread his legs wide open and let it allll hang out.  We all started laughing and the tech caught a picture for the parents.  It turns out, he's measuring right on time, except for his femur, which is measuring about 2 weeks AHEAD of my due date.  He may be a tall kiddo.  I'm cool with that and so are his parents.  They're excited he's right on schedule.

Well, hello, baby!

 The parents and I parted for the rest of the day until we had the photo shoot at 4:30.  Unfortunately, we got stuck in traffic, so we didn't get to the location until about 4:50.  We had it done at Wekiwa Springs State Park here in Central Florida.  We had a fantastic time.  The photographer is a friend of mine and always does an amazing job, but this time, she went above and beyond.  We've all gotten so many compliments on the pictures.  If you'd like to check them out, go here: A Surrogacy Story.  Here are a couple sneak peeks of the pictures.

The light of my life

The photographer made the signs.  She was amazing.  :-D

The mom and I

Oh, and I found out today I've lost 3.2 pounds in the last week.  Apparently, overhauling my eating and getting out there to run/walk more has just turned my system completely around.  I'm going to call my doctor, just to make sure it's okay and see if there's a point where I should be concerned about any weight loss.  I'm optimistic, though.  Oh, and on a completely random note, 2 MORE WEEKS TIL OHIO!!!!!!

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